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Do you love it? Fishing pattern mug. Buy it today before lose it forever.Trump is a President who can tell you to commit suicide as long as you it suits his agenda. For instance he told people to take disinfectant to clear the virus from their system. And people did. If you had a plan back in January, how come you didn’t help save lives and make your plan known? If you really had a plan, you failed. You lost your chance to show what you could do for the American people. Every member of the media swearing to God every second of every day Trump is a racist who hasn’t done enough in the fight against COVID 19 has not gotten you a single vote because everybody including you know none of tat is true ad even you know nobody including you trust anything the media says. What do you expect from a party led by someone who called it a hoax and said it would miraculously disappear? They pat themselves on the back for the great job they think they did, while anyone can look up and see the statistics of where we stand compared to other nations. It’s the “Big Lie” straight from the Nazi playbook. Repeat something loudly and often enough and people will start to believe it. We must stand together, and vote blue, before we just saw how ill equipped person he was, now, we have and are living it on a daily basis, how his base support him is beyond me, we are all seeing the same, what a jerk!

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